Emma Garson

Role: Branch Secretary

Emma is on full time release from her substantive post as a L2 Teaching Assistant (in Grangetown Primary School). She joined Cardiff Council in 2004 and has been Branch Secretary for 5 years. Emma was inspired by her parents – both union activists – who taught her from an early age that when people unite they can achieve great things.

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Pete Davies

Role: Branch Chair

Pete works for Cardiff Alcohol and Drug Team, having previously been in Learning Disabilities (residential care, day services and the home support team). He has been working for Cardiff Council and a Unison member since 1994. Pete likes Cardiff City FC, science fiction, cats and workers’ control of industry. Not necessarily in that order.

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Hilary Williams

Role: Deputy Secretary

Hilary has worked in various finance roles in the Council for the last 25 years. She has been a Unison rep for 20 years, pension champion and unison pension board member since 2015, and deputy secretary for the last 2 years. Early experiences of non-union employers have made her a passionate advocate of union membership for all.

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Amy Hall

Role: Vice-Chair

Amy is a Civil Enforcement Officer who has been with Cardiff Council for 17 years. She’s a long term Unison member who has become actively involved in the branch in the past year.

Dislikes – unfair and incompetent management.
Likes – robustly challenging the above, the rare people who understand her sense of humour, dogs.

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Sara Allen

Role: Schools Convenor

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Peter King

Role: Branch Treasurer

Peter is now retired but had worked for the Council in various roles for almost 37 years. His work varied but was latterly in connection with statutory records for Council properties, including schools. Peter commenced his union involvement with Nalgo almost as long ago and held various roles within the Branch and Region but is now our Treasurer. He is also a Pension Champion and continues to take an interest in the LGPS…as a recipient!

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Natalie Forbes

Role: Deputy Treasurer

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Will Barton

Role: Communications Officer

Will is a retired member. He’s had all sorts of jobs, from factory labourer to university teacher, but he’s always been a keen trade unionist. He gets great satisfaction from running the branch newsletter and meeting all the Unison members who do the jobs that keep society going.

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Sasha Robbins

Role: Disabled Members Officer

Sasha is a Contact Officer in the Adult Learning Disabilities Team. She joined Unison 6 years ago when she first started working with the Council. Sasha is passionate and committed to equality, diversity and especially disability rights and hopes to assist Unison members with any issues relating to potential discrimination. Sasha is vegan, has dyed her hair every shade of colour in the rainbow. She loves cinema, moshing at rock concerts, comic books and cosplaying. As a member of Heroes of Geek, Sasha also acts as an inclusion ambassador for all attendees at events and conventions to ensure everyone can fully enjoy and participate comfortably.

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Jo Rao

Role: Health & Safety Officer

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Carol O’Byrne

Role: Welfare Officer

Carol has worked for Cardiff Council since 2001 and currently works as a Carer’s Support Officer for Adult Services (for family carers). Carol is the branch Welfare Officer and really enjoys her role. She says “being in a union is very important – you’re never on your own with a problem at work if you are in a union.” In her spare time Carol loves reading and going to the pictures. She speaks French and is having a bash at learning Spanish!

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Sabrina Pani

Role: Women's Officer

Sabrina has worked for Cardiff Council for 20 years in Internal Audit Services. She generally provides independent assurance that risk management, governance and internal control processes are operating effectively. Sabrina was encouraged to join UNISON whilst working for Rhonda Cynon Taff Council and has been a member ever since. In 2018, she trained as a UNISON Rep and Women’s Officer for the Cardiff County Branch to support co-workers during their time of need in work by providing advice on issues and to ensure that they are treated fairly, and in accordance with employment rights. When not in work Sabrina enjoys going to live music concerts, drawing, reading and fitness. Sabrina is fluent in Italian.

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Josh Wickham

Role: Young Members Officer

Josh has been working in the Independent Living Services department in Cardiff Council for over a year. He graduated from Cardiff University in the year prior to this with a degree in Journalism. He is originally from Dorset but decided to stay in Cardiff and live with his girlfriend whilst she finishes her five year medicine course. Josh was encouraged to join UNISON by a colleague in his team at the beginning of 2020 and is excited about taking on the challenge of being a steward and the Young Members Officer for the branch.

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Michelle Reeve

Role: Education Coordinator / ULR

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Helen O’Sullivan

Role: Equalities Officer

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Maggie Simpson

Role: Labour Link Officer

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