Returning to work guidance

Guidance for members with childcare issues and members who have vulnerable conditions

Staff concerns about returning to work

Health and safety advice for members returning to work

Unison Cymru-Wales message to schools support staff

Message from Rosie Lewis, Unison Cymru-Wales School Lead

Advice for returning school support staff

Branch advice for school support staff

Covid-19 – Advice for members in schools

While Cardiff County Council is looking to provide child supervision between 7.30am-6pm 7 days a week and through Easter holidays any hours outside contracted hours will be covered by volunteers who will have this time factored back in. Please do consider volunteering to cover these additional hours if you are able. Term time workers who […]

Covid-19 – advice for members at Cardiff Council

Cardiff branch officers continue to work closely with Council leaders, HR and H&S team around the clock to ensure staff are kept safe and suffer no detriments during this period of unprecedented times. Please see end paragraph of this email which gives you information about the Staff Skills Survey which the council are developing to […]

Covid-19 – Advice for members in outside employers

Unfortunately due to the current climate the advice and guidance from national Government is constantly and rapidly changing For advice and guidance please here are some links for useful information: You can find information regarding statutory rights for pay on Also If an employee who chooses to isolate themselves on […]

Welfare fund – there for you during Covid-19

If you find yourself in financial difficulty and are dealing with an emergency situation – either linked to COVID-19 or other financial pressures – and you have no money at all,  call 020 7121 5620. During these unprecedented times, members can apply directly for an emergency payment without having to go through the branch. If […]

Respect our home care workers!

The branch received this poignant message from the partner of a Cardiff Council home care worker today. Dear Unison, I realise that this is a busy time for you all and that seemingly small issues can take up more time than you might have but I do feel somewhat incensed about an issue in my […]

From a Teaching Assistant

Firstly, I think It’s important that we all extend our thanks to the Branch Management Group for all their hard work during this difficult time. They are in constant discussion with employers making sure members get the up to date information while also managing the office, working their substantive posts and supporting their own families. […]